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Give Us a call at 803-474-8994 for Expert Septic Tank service. We are available 24 hours a day for Emergencies.

Septic Tank Cleaning for Columbia, SC

portable toilet rental Camden, SC Since 1974, Frank Rabon Jr. Construction has been serving Kershaw County and Richland County with professional, experienced personnel in septic tank sales, service and installation. We are also proud to provide portable toilet rental service to Columbia, SC; Lexington, SC; Camden, SC; and Winnsboro, SC. You can count on our experts for all of your septic tank needs from new installations, line repairs, pumping and septic tank cleaning. Frank Rabon Jr. Construction is a family owned and operated business with more than 35 years of experience, providing quick 24-hour emergency service when you need us. We are fully licensed and bonded, and we provide free estimates for all projects. We also provide expert grease trap cleaning services to commercial businesses throughout the Camden, SC, Columbia, SC, and Winnsboro, SC areas. 

Portable Toilet Rental

We provide portable toilet rental services for construction sites and special events. We can even provide you with handicapped accessible toilet rentals. All you have to do is call us with the specifics of your event or construction site, and we take care of the rest, including picking up and dropping off rental toilets, making the process as easy as possible for our customers. We can provide you with holding tanks and hand washing stations for any business or corporate event and always provide clean, dependable service. No matter what your waste management needs are, we will provide you with all the tools necessary to keep things clean. Give us a call at 803-474-8994 for more information about our portable toilet rental service.

Land Clearing Service

If you have a big landscaping project, we can help. Frank Rabon Jr. Construction can clear your land and perform grading services, hauling, and pond building. No matter how big or small your project is, you can count on us to handle it with a strict focus and quality workmanship to ensure that every detail is perfect. Let us know about your land clearing project and we will provide you with a free estimate. Call us at 803-474-8994.

 septic tank repair Winnsboro, SC We Provide Septic Tank Installation at Affordable Prices

Frank Rabon Jr. Construction offers a full range of septic services at affordable rates that won’t break your budget. We are licensed and fully insured for your safety and ours. Our septic services include:

  • Septic Tank Manufacturing
  • Residential Septic Tank Installation
  • Commercial Septic Tank Installation
  • 24-Hour Emergency Septic Tank Services
  • Septic Tank Pumping
  • Grease Trap Cleaning
  • Septic Tank Sales
  • Line Repairing
  • Backhoe Work

No matter how big or small your residential or commercial septic tank project is, you can always count on our highly-skilled, experienced professionals to provide the same prompt, friendly service that we have been providing to residents of Columbia, Camden, and the surrounding areas for 40 years. We are also happy to provide free estimates for any septic tank project. Give us a call when you need us 803-474-8994.

How Does a Septic Tank Work?

The most common wastewater treatment system used in rural areas is the septic tank absorption system. The tank is designed to eliminate sediment and floatable solids from the waste water. The soil absorption field then filters and treats the clarified septic tank waste and distributes it through the soil to decompose. Removing the solids from the wastewater protects the soil absorption system from clogging and failure. In addition to removing solids, the septic tank also promotes biological digestion of a portion of the solids while storing the remaining undigested portion.

Step one of the septic tank treatment system involves the septic tank removing solids by holding the waste water in the tank. This causes the heavy solid waste to settle as sludge on the bottom of the tank, while the lighter waste particles form layers at the top. To accomplish this, wastewater needs to be held in the tank for around 24 hours. Up to half of the solids kept in the tank will decompose over time; the remainder continues to accumulate inside the tank. Biological and chemical additives are not necessary to accelerate or aid in the decomposition process.

Professional Septic Tank Repair Services.

As septic tank systems are used, waste will continue to accumulate at the bottom of the septic tank. Tanks that are properly designed have enough space for up to three years of safe waste accumulation. When the waste level reaches this point, sewage has less time to settle before leaving the tank, resulting in more solids escaping into the absorption area. If too much waste accumulates in the tank, no settling will occur before the sewage moves to the soil absorption field. Infiltration of sludge into the soil absorption field can cause system failure and require costly septic tank repair. To prevent this, professional septic tank cleaning should be done periodically. Frank Rabon Jr. Construction can provide this service at an affordable price to ensure the proper functionality of your system for years to come.

 septic tank cleaning Camden, SC  septic tank cleaning Columbia, SC

How You Can Help Your Septic System

There are a number of things you can do to ensure that your septic system runs properly:

  • NEVER flush anything besides toilet paper or human waste. Things like feminine hygiene products, diapers, paper towels, grease, food or harsh chemicals can have an adverse effect on your system.
  • Check with a plumber before having a garbage disposal installed. The excess waste can play havoc with your septic system.
  • Never drive or park a vehicle over your septic tank.
  • Make sure you know where your septic tank is located in the event that you need work performed on it.

Call 803-474-8994 today if you're looking for septic tank contractors, septic tank installation, or septic tank repair in the area.

We are proud to serve Columbia, SC; Camden, SC; Winnsboro, SC and the surrounding areas.

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Commercial And Residential Septic Tank Cleaning, Manufacturing, Sales, Installation, Maintenance, And Repairs, Grease Trap Cleaning, Portable Toilet Rentals.

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FJ Rabon Construction

250 Kinard Road
Lugoff , SC 29078

Great service- Friendly and helpful staff

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Aug 19, 2016

FJ Rabon Construction

250 Kinard Road
Lugoff , SC 29078

From the receptionist who answered when I called to the actual worker who came to service my septic tank, they were all very pleasant to deal with. I'd definitely recommend and use them again in the future.

Pros: Very helpful and knowledgable staff.

Cons: I have no complaints.

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Are you the owner of this business? Reply
Aug 18, 2016

FJ Rabon Construction

250 Kinard Road
Lugoff , SC 29078

Very good experience!!

Pros: Good price and friendly service

Cons: Nothing bad to say!!

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Aug 17, 2016
By: Cass

FJ Rabon Construction

250 Kinard Road
Lugoff , SC 29078

The FJ Rabon website clearly states that "We are proud to serve Columbia, SC; Camden, SC; Winnsboro, SC and the surrounding areas"and "Since 1974, Frank Rabon Jr. Construction has been serving Kershaw County and Richland County with professional, experienced personnel in septic tank sales, service and installation". This is a complete lie. I live in Columbia off Garners Ferry Road and was denied service because they do not service my area. They need to stop advertising that they will service an area if the will refuse the service.

Pros: None. Wouldn't even give me a quote.

Cons: Everything

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Business Owner Response

I am so sorry, I just saw this. We do service the Garners Ferry area with both installations and porta johns. However, that is a little further than we send a tank truck to pump out septic tanks. I am so sorry for the misunderstanding. We should have definitely given you the phone number of someone in your area that could possible have assisted you.

May 12, 2016
By: mark

Frank Rabon Jr Construction Co

Septic tank cleaning:
Tue Oct 18 07:31:00 EDT 2016

Routine cleaning is necessary to prevent clogging and unnecessary damages. Call our professionals today.

Useful tips:
Tue Oct 11 07:01:00 EDT 2016

Knowing the location of your septic tank is important in the event of emergencies. Call us for more tips.

Septic installation:
Tue Oct 04 11:54:00 EDT 2016

Call our professionals today for reliable septic tank installation.

Did you know?
Tue Sep 27 15:31:00 EDT 2016

An improper installation of your septic tank can lead to messy problems down the road. Call us for professional septic tank installation.

Grease Trap cleaning:
Wed Sep 21 11:33:00 EDT 2016

Routine grease trap cleaning is necessary to ensure your septic tanks don't clog or break. Call us today.

Portable toilets:
Wed Sep 14 19:51:00 EDT 2016

Our portable toilets can take care of the sanitary needs of a large gathering. Call us for more details. 

Septic tank installation:
Thu Sep 08 03:05:00 EDT 2016

Our professionals can install septic tanks safely and efficiently. Call us today for reliable installation service. 

Septic tank sale:
Thu Sep 01 06:53:00 EDT 2016

We offer excellent septic tanks for sale at affordable prices. Call for more details.

Line repair:
Thu Aug 25 08:21:00 EDT 2016

Call our technicians today to complete this complicated job.

Hosting An Event?
Thu Aug 18 11:56:00 EDT 2016

Ensure the sanitary comfort of your guests with our convenient portable toilet rentals. Call us for more information!

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